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youdonthavetoworry [Dec 13 07 ♪♪♪ 12 39 am]
We're sneaky little bastards, aren't we? The kids are killing themselves trying to figure it out. BWAHAHAHA.

PS- One year with Ryan, end of the month. Huge ass party, y/y?
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[Feb 4 07 ♪♪♪ 1 27 pm]






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ooc [Jan 30 07 ♪♪♪ 6 10 pm]
So, I'm going to Chicago for a few days, so Bren won't be on that much/if at all.

I should be back around the fifth of Feb.

Try not to miss me. XD
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[Jan 4 07 ♪♪♪ 2 50 am]

So. Yeah. Wow.

Fuck this.

Ryan and I are going on our Honeymoon.


As in the next few days.
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[Jan 2 07 ♪♪♪ 7 20 am]

It should be kind of obvious that I'm afraid of heights.
My eyes never opened, really.
It was cold, and I dont feel that great.
But oh well. We played NYE.

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[Dec 31 06 ♪♪♪ 7 35 pm]
Carson Daily is a tool.
I hate New Years.
And MTV.

But, my ass is awesome.
So that makes it better.
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[Dec 28 06 ♪♪♪ 5 48 pm]

For Gabe and Ryan.
May I never see this again.

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[Dec 25 06 ♪♪♪ 12 54 am]

That's the only picture I have back from the wedding so far.
So if you guys have any more, and want to share, that would be awesome.

Ryan, Thanks for making this the best Christmas of my life.
I love you.

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[Dec 24 06 ♪♪♪ 5 06 pm]
I'm not mad anymore.

Like Travis said, it's Christmas, fuck being mad.

I just...bluh. You'll understand when you get there, Kenny. :/
It's hard to explain.

So yeah. I'm not mad at anyone anymore.
And I'm done being a selfish bitch.

Happy Holidays, Everyone. <3

[Dec 23 06 ♪♪♪ 2 48 am]

I'm married. To Ryan.
My best friend.

For those of you who couldn't make it,
the wedding was as perfect as
I could of hoped.

I guess.

Ryan says he's happy with it.
I wanted it perfect.

I've had to fight every step of the way with him. To get him, to keep him and to get him back.
I guess I just wanted to prove to him just how much he means to me.

I love you Ryan. I'll prove it to you.

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[Dec 20 06 ♪♪♪ 7 46 am]
So, Noah and I are just chillin' by the fire here. He's just staring up at me and I'm sitting here, telling him how awesome of a guy his daddy is. Little guy's probably pissed at me though, I had to pass on the cheetos and beer. Patrick said no, dammit.

Anyway, Ryan and I are taking him to the zoo today. We're gonna have so much fun. (Ryan and I, that is.)I'll prove to them that they do have dinosaurs at the zoo, you'll see.

Apparently I look funny when I type, Noah's giggling at me. Or maybe I just look funny. Who knows. God, the kid's gonna be a heart breaker when he grows up, I can tell.

This is nice, you know? Just listening to his baby noises and the fire and just being..calm for once. We have the wedding stuff in place, although I'm sure we'll forget something. (we always do.)

Mark your calenders, please. Friday, December 22nd. You will be at our wedding. Be there or be square. There will be drunken speeches from Gabe and Ryan will probably cry. ( NO SALAD SPINNERS. FOR EVERY SALAD SPINNER I FIND, I SHALL KILL YOU...in a friendly way.)

So yeah. I'm just gonna hang out with the baby until Ryan wakes up. I think I hear him moving around upstairs anyway. See you all Friday. <3

xo Bren
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[Dec 6 06 ♪♪♪ 12 06 pm]

Tummy hurts.
I miss Ryan.
He's on the bus though.
Go figure.

Almost too exhausted to function.
My hands have gone from red 
to purple.
Back to red again.
I hate cold.

Wedding = soon.
Bden = elated.
Tour = done soon.


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[Dec 4 06 ♪♪♪ 12 18 pm]
Things are good, tour's almost over. It's getting close to wedding time.
Ryan and I had a bet going that we would last three days without sex. I was fne, but RYan only lasted a day and a half.
(I won, but I gave the prize to Ryan anyway.)

We almost eloped a few days ago, but for the most part, we're pretty okay with waiting.
(I expect you all to be there.)

I miss Maja, my babykitty. <3
She's so cute, just like her mommy.

We're getting  place after the wedding, I'm letting Ryan decorate it.
(It kinda feels weird saying that.)

You should buy us all lost of stuff, since you love us all so much.

And on a side note: dear god, these pants are tight. I think i'm getting fat. :/
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This is the stuff dreams are made of [Nov 27 06 ♪♪♪ 2 42 am]

So, we're on tour right now.

Things, to say the least, are amazing. I've never felt more alive, doing the thing I love with the people I love around me.

I'm getting married soon to the boy I love, who I know loves me back.

He's my everything. (The sex isn't half bad too. ;D)

Don't just chase your dreams, live them.
xo, Bden <3

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[Nov 25 06 ♪♪♪ 4 18 pm]



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[Nov 20 06 ♪♪♪ 7 52 am]

These are the times I thank God
For giving me the things I need.
One of which being you.

We sure are in for a show tonight!

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[Nov 19 06 ♪♪♪ 5 16 am]

Fucking in a public bathroom?
Definate upgrade.
-thumbs up-


[Nov 19 06 ♪♪♪ 1 39 am]

Things are good on the road.
I miss you all.
(some of you more than others.)
Gabe gets to cause chaos with me soon!
This makes me VERY happy.
The wedding is drawing SO SO SO close.
And yet, we have nothing planned.
I was hoping to have it all ready before we got home.
Meh, I don't really see this happening.

So in short, I miss and love you all, and I'm a lazy bum.
Hope you're all doing well. <33


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[Nov 17 06 ♪♪♪ 1 35 am]


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[Nov 13 06 ♪♪♪ 5 39 am]

It's re-fucking-diculous how much I miss everyone.
I had videos, but they won't embed, so fuck them.
Uh, tour's good. Stuff and such.
I saw Ricky! YAY.
What else?
Oh yeah.


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